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At Next Genmetal Supply, we carry a selection of quality aluminum plates to suit your specific application. Choose from durable aluminum diamond plates of varying sizes and finishes.

Lightweight, strong, and slip-resistant, these plates help add traction to high-traffic areas.

Why choose aluminum tread plate? The texture and material offer several important advantages:

  • Slip-resistant
  • Durable
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor applications

Aluminum plates offer the perfect solution for adding protective flooring. The aluminum material is easy to weld yet extremely strong and resistant to damage.

Choose Aluminum Tread Plate for Traction and Protection

We stock aluminum sheets to fit any environment. Shop 3003, 5052, or 6061 aluminum for excellent corrosion resistance, workability, and weldability.

These plates are also known as aluminum diamond plate or checker plate. One side features a raised pattern of diamonds while the other side is smooth.

The distinct texture adds traction, making it a popular choice for ramps and walkways. With our selection of plates, you can easily add a skid-resistant surface to any area of your warehouse, factory, or work site.

Along with added traction, the aluminum material is incredibly durable and resilient. The strength and resistance to corrosion make these plates well suited for even the toughest environments.

The durable material also protects the floor underneath against damage from harmful chemicals, foot traffic, or heavy machinery.

Suitable for a Wide Variety of Applications

Durable, lightweight aluminum diamond plate is suitable for many types of commercial and industrial applications such as:

  • Stair treads
  • Flooring
  • Trench covers
  • Freezer flooring
  • Loading ramps
  • Freight elevator flooring

As a leading sheet metal supplier, we only use the finest materials. We also have options available with polished surfaces, including chrome. The highly polished surface provides a decorative choice for floors, truck beds, and even trailer floors.

Multiple Grades of Aluminum Plates

We supply a variety of plates to fit your specific needs. Choose from multiple options based on the weldability, workability, corrosion resistance, or strength required for your application.

At Next Genmetal Supply, we stock several grades of aluminum plates including 3003, 5052, and 6061 alloys.

3003 aluminum is the most used aluminum alloy material. It offers superior corrosion resistance and workability. It also reacts well to anodizing and other finishes. 3003 aluminum provides a suitable option for garage doors, pressure vessels, and other applications that do not require heat-treatable aluminum.

5052 is the highest strength of the non-heat-treatable grades. It also has good resistance to saltwater corrosion and excellent work-ability.

If you require a heat-treated aluminum, we stock 6061 aluminum diamond plates. This is the most used and versatile of the heat-treatable alloys. It also provides high corrosion resistance at extreme temperatures.

Get the Best Prices on Quality Aluminum Plates

When shopping for an aluminum tread plate, choose a supplier that you can trust. At Next Genmetal Supply, we remain committed to delivering the finest quality alloys to our customers.

We also offer competitive pricing, ensuring that you get the best prices. Start browsing today and order directly from our site. Orders ship out within three days.


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